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YOUTH FOR PEACE AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP INITIATIVE (YOPEI) is an Incorporated Trustee registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission as a non-Governmental organization. (NGO). The core objectives of the Initiative are to improve Menstrual Hygiene Management in girls and women, promoting entrepreneurship among them and increasing patriotism amongst Nigerians.
YOPEI has two cardinal programs that implements its core vision
1. Youth Response Initiative to Girls Health (YRIGHT)- SDGs 1, 5, 6, 10, 16 & 17
2. Project ‘’Unite Nigeria’’ – SDGs 16
YRIGHT program seeks to adopt several proven techniques in improving menstrual hygiene among women and the girl child.
PUN seeks to promote patriotic philosophies across Nigeria through Nation Building Projects and Activities.

The YRIGHT Project

Supporting a girl’s right to learn (our target is to help keep one million girls in school by providing YRIGHT products). Education is one of the most critical areas of empowerment for women, as both the Cairo and Beijing conferences affirmed. It is also an area that offers some of the clearest examples of discrimination women suffer. Among children not attending school there are twice as many girls as boys, and among illiterate adults there are twice as many women as men.
Offering girls basic education is one sure way of giving them much greater power to enable them to make genuine choices over the kinds of lives they wish to lead. This is not a luxury. The Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women establish it as a basic human right.

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Make A Wish Project

MAWP is a ‘Poverty Alleviation Program’ established by YOPEI to create, develop, facilitate, provide and promote Entrepreneurial, Employment, Investment, Skills Acquisition and Socio-Economic Development Programs for women and youths. MAWP promotes, facilitates and guarantees Financial Grants, Technical Assistance, and Training for Unemployed and Qualified women and youths through a broad range of ‘Entrepreneurial’ and ‘Skill Acquisition Projects’ to foster Youth Empowerment, geared towards sustainable socio-economic developments, aided by renowned ‘Financial Institutions – Counterpart Funding Capital & Monitoring’.
MAWP is designed to serve as a model in the creation, establishment, funding and promotion of Small & Medium Enterprise Businesses and Jobs for unemployed Women and Youths incorporating the concept of up-scale marketing and innovative technology-driven trends.


Project Unite Nigeria

PUN is the awareness and campaign arm of our organization. We organize peace workshop to promote peace and unity in the society, and to end all forms of domestic violence against women and children.
Violence against women is a persistent and universal problem occurring in every culture and social group. Around the world, at least one in every three women has been beaten, coerced into sex, or otherwise abused in her lifetime – most often by someone she knows, including a member of her own family, an employer or a co-worker.
Violence against women has been called “the most pervasive yet least recognized human rights abuse in the world.” Accordingly, the Second World Conference on Human Rights in Vienna in 1993 and the Fourth World Conference on Women in 1994 gave priority to this issue, which jeopardizes women’s lives, bodies, psychological integrity and freedom. Violence against women is often known as ‘gender-based’ violence because it partly stems from women’s subordinate status in society.



Be –WOMEN is a program that supports and improves the lifestyle of women in general. Women play a pivotal role in our communities, women as entrepreneurs, farmers, traders, and innovators, are key to unlocking economic growth. When women succeed, they produce a multiplier effects, investing a greater share of their earnings in the well-being of their families and communities, creating long-term benefits for generations to come.

More About Us

Grappling with the state of unemployment and the under-utilization of youths in Nigeria, YOPEI is challenged to take the destinies of this generation and change the scourge of unemployment and poverty.

We are challenged to step in, develop and empower our youths especially senior secondary school leavers, undergraduates about to finish their courses, and graduates already in the labour market, women (educated and uneducated) with ways and means with which they can be self-employed or empowered to contribute their quota to national growth and development, and to an economically revitalizing Nigeria, based on the positive considerations of a new Nigeria.

It is good that all and sundry including YOPEI should contribute, stabilize and rebuild the economic confidence of the youths through entrepreneurial training.

YOPEI creates a platform structured to develop a synergy with related bodies to meet the challenges facing a majority of our youths.
However, we are aware of the fact that government intervention alone cannot adequately or effectively alleviate the burden of unemployment of youth at the various level in Nigeria, hence, we have established YOPEI as a support vehicle or intervention program that will source for funds for the disadvantaged youths who are unable to start on their own and help them to be self-employed and empowered.

We also serve as consultants to various businesses, provide innovative ideas to promote businesses and enhance development of skills.

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Initiator, CEO

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Media Expert

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What Our Beneficiaries Have to Say

I am a maid and my Oga complained about me wasting sanitary pads, so I will use a pad for 24 hours until the team of YOPEI visited our school and gave me and my friends reusable pads. Now I can go to school during my period days. Thank you YOPEI.
Tabitha Micheal
I am very happy and I thank YOPEI team because I no longer worry about buying disposal sanitary pads, now I can save some money.
Binta Idris
I feel safe now using purplepads reusable pads because I don't need to throw away after use. It also saves the environment
Gambo Mariam
Learning how to make reusable pads is some crafts I will pass on to my friends and my daughters in the future. Every girls should learn how to make pads at home.
Doris Clement

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